| Wedding in “magenta“ style

Wedding in “magenta“ style

Krásné květiny na svatbě "Magenta"

Wedding in “magenta“ style

Botanika compounds, August 2015. This place, not far from Prague, gained an unforgettable atmosphere for one day. Surrounded by forests and fields, a beautiful and wild wedding in the Cuban style took place there. Orchids in the magenta colour completely overwhelmed almost all the wedding participants and guests, and they dominated the place itself completely. Their tones were wonderful. Unattached ladies were dreaming. That’s how it was.

Along with Inspirit, which delivered these beautiful flowers for the event, we have created many things for this wedding; in addition to the actual wedding announcements (see the Décorista web pages, currently in autumn 2015), we also made all other wedding prints – menus, name tags, marking of tables, seating arrangements, welcome sign, wedding website, and especially completely personalized wedding decorations, which were based on the overall concept of the wedding. Of course, in the magenta colour. We especially appreciate and thank the main actors at the wedding, the bride and the groom, namely for giving us absolute freedom in our creative work, and also their trust, without which none of these could have been done. Only this way, we could create, for example, entirely custom-made chandeliers that uniquely complemented this whole wedding. Please share with us.

Kolaz_03 TOM_6202

And it was also undoubtedly a sweet wedding! :-) Kolaz_02 TOM_5764 TOM_6146 TOM_5990 TOM_5965 Photo: Tomáš Dittrich